Areas of Practice
Management of service projects:
Management of service projects focusing on customer experience management, through supportive infrastructure processes:
  • In core business of existing organizations
  • In emerging activities within existing organizations
  • In new organizations
Accompanying and supporting management:
The service and engineering management is a relatively new discipline, therefore,   executives may have difficulties to have peers to share views. The ACSEM team is very experienced, which makes them a reliable source of knowledge.
Research project performance
ACSEM leads research projects that can improve organizations’ performances by using computer tools such as data mining.
Managerial and professional training:
ACSEM holds training process within the organization as a tool to improve performance. The training is the combination of academic and hands on experience.
Our Services
  • High-level planning and strategy for service operations.
  • Accompanying and supporting management.
  • Research projects performance
  • Managerial and professional training.